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All of the additional updates (Past v.1.0) were made using Scratch 2.0, and were also all programmed by me.The sprites for Victini, Manectric, Mega Manectric, and Braviary are from We're having trouble displaying this Scratch project.If you are on a mobile phone or tablet, try visiting this project on a computer. : D (5/10/17) Code Index (codes are not case-sensitive):100 View Victini: 100View Victory200 View Dozen Super Potions: 200View Healing Instructions:*How to play: This game is a Pokémon Battle Simulator. You try and get your opponent's Pokémon to 0 HP, without your Pokémon getting to 0 HP. 100 Manectric, with the moves Fire Fang, Bite, Thunder, and Discharge. 100 Braviary, with the moves Aerial Ace, Crush Claw, and Slash.The game, coming to PC and i OS this winter, has human players date talking cats while uncovering the mysteries of Cat Island.Purrfect Date is split into seven chapters, where you assume the role of different research assistants.

Other sprites were either drawn by me, or are from various places via Google Images.

It’s possible that the whole thing will be about spinoff games, mobile games, and/or other tidbits, rather than a full entry into the franchise’s main series.

However, the official Pokémon site says “big news” is on the way, so we’ll hold out hope for something more major.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo 2017 doesn’t officially kick off until next week (with some press conferences this weekend), but Nintendo is preempting all of that with a newly announced, Pokémon-specific Nintendo direct tomorrow morning at 10AM ET.

(Right here.) They haven’t been afraid to shake up the traditional E3 formula in recent years and bank on the power of their popular properties and this move seems no different, but what new information will it bring? With no known Pokémon game on the horizon, it stands to reason that this presentation will unveil something new on the way.

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With the 8-minute runtime announced by Nintendo, it’ll likely be limited to a reveal trailer and maybe some additional information, or maybe a reveal trailer and a smaller debut of a new spinoff like —or maybe some more updated remakes of previous games in the series.

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