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Most of all, our clients don’t have the ultimate version of materials and that is why we have to make such-like projects upon the conditions of numerous corrections and alterations.

We prefer to work in 3D and avoid compositing in 2d software, as it is easier to correct something in 3D, than constantly make changes in post-production. The answer is: No, the hardware we have is common as dirt.

Using that switch may allow you to render your scene without using any of the methods below for reducing memory usage.

The most frequent question we’re asked: "How do you render such tremendous scenes? However, we work taking into account two important principles: After reading this article, it can seem to you that these rules just slow down the work. These principles rapidly fall into habit, and the only thing you need is to constantly follow them.

As a result you will be able to work with scene of any volume in the shortest terms.

Forest Tools is a utility that allows you to convert a forest object to individual instanced geometry.

This can be used when you need to share a file with someone who does not have the forest plugin, use a renderer that does not natively support Forest Pack, or export the scene to another program.

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Used to set the "Custom Mesh" mode in the Geometry List manually (of the selected Forest object).

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