Advanced dating seminar

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Advanced dating seminar

As you delve deeper into seven basic principles that were introduced in the Basic Seminar, you will be further equipped to apply them in your daily walk with God.Just as there are laws of nature and physics, God's principles bring blessings or consequences when followed or violated.

Topics addressed include extensions of content presented at the TEACCH Five-Day that will help professionals move beyond the basic implementation of Structured TEACCHing concepts as well as strategies for coaching and supporting other professionals.You will embark on a 5-day, lifestyle transformation led by world renowned, NYC based dating coach John Keegan and his arsenal of top class coaches.Throughout this journey, you will become playful, spontaneous, adventurous, and free-flowing around women while effortlessly connecting with them anywhere and everywhere.Because it is time to take control of your dating life, and take your communication skills to the next level.This class is not only focused on meeting and dating beautiful women, it is also about creating the affluence of abundance that enables us to connect with other people confidently and effortlessly.

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