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We hung out in this building with all the other runners staying warm until it was just minutes before the race. Oddly, there was no real countdown or announcement. A voice came on with a minute or so to go and said such. For whatever reason, I just wasn’t moving well and the rocks and I were not getting along. It only takes a couple nasty weight loaded foot plants like that to ruin your day. But I got it together and the ankle came back around and we moved through that section with no further issues. What happened to that hot California race I was promised? But I figured some dry socks might help out so I did it out of comfort and just to reset. Volunteers were lined up and as a runner came in, the next volunteer was assigned to you. Then they were good about trying to shove food into you. I told her to peal the banana and shove it in my mouth. Then I had her go into my shorts and retrieve my S-cap (salt capsules) baggie. My hands were ice cubes and so I said thanks and ran off to try and build body heat. Mentally, I thought I was executing the plan but the plan is NOT WORKING. I quickly ran to my crew who had a poncho thrown down in the dirt as a seat for me. It had been hours and I was glad to see them and take what ended up being my longest pit stop of the day. Kim had been reading the blister guide so she was ready to operate.

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