My computer keeps updating shut down adult dating union south carolina

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My computer keeps updating shut down

1920x1200 Keyboard Microsoft Wireless 2000 Mouse Microsoft Wireless Mouse 5000 Case Mid Tower Cooling Standard Fans - 5 fans (very quiet) Hard Drives Int: 1 120 Gig SSD i 1 - 2.5" 500 USB External HDD 1 -1 Tb USB External HDD Internet Speed 10 Mbit (realistically 500 Kbit - 1.2 Mbit) Other Info Speakers - Bose Desktop (Excellent Sound) 1 external CD|DVD\Blue-ray Recorders/Players (Sony) Thank you for your welcome! Most recently, it keeps shutting down when I'm playing Heroes of Might and Magic V.If you could update your your Systems Specs (need more info) to include the CPU, Ram, number of drives, age of the computer, these specs would allow other members to get an idea of what your problem could be, thus giving you some good suggestions as to what you can do. My computer does not go past the "starting windows" logo on my computer. On top of that im not even able to do a system restore because of some type of error. System Manufacturer/Model Number HP Pavilion a4302f OS Win 7 Pro x64, VM Win XP, Win7 Pro Sandbox, Kubuntu 11 CPU AMD Athlon(tm) II X4 640 @ 3.0 Gbz Memory 12GB 1066MHz DDR3 SDRAM - 2x4GB, 2x2GB Graphics Card ATI Radeon HD 4350 HD Graphics/Audio with 512MB Sound Card Realtek High Definition Audio Monitor(s) Displays 1. Mitsublishi 40" HDTV, Hannspree 25" Screen Resolution 1. Also I don't think its an overheating problem as I left it alone overnight and this afternoon.It's happened with the latest Civ and even games as old as Diablo II. My system meets all of the requirements of the games I play. Thanks I don't think it's from my computer overheating (although a program recommendation for testing internal temperature would be great). Sometimes I've only just started playing and other times, I play for quite a few hours before it happens.

My system shut down again this morning and I ran this cleaner utility and it found and deleted 55.3 Megabytes of junk files from the registry.

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Hello, I have my PC with Configuration Processor : p4 Motherboard : Intel Ram 256MB Whenever I Switch On or Power ON my Computer, It boots and Displays Intel Pentium 4 (as usual) and after 2/3 minutes it automatically shut down and again when I starts or Power on my PC, it starts and shut down automatically after 2/3 minutes. Yes, a faulty PS can cause problems but you can check the voltages by going into the system parameters during start up.

But this time the fan is clean and I really don't know what's wrong. Also I've updated my information as much as possible before my computer shut down on me. Computer type PC/Desktop System Manufacturer/Model Number n/a OS W7 Ultimate SP1, LM18.2 MATE, W10 Home, #All 64 bit CPU AMD Phenom II x6 1100T, 3.3 GHz Motherboard ASUS M4A88T-M/USB3 (AM3) Memory 12GB DDR3 1333 G-Skill (4GB x 2), G-Skill (2GB x 2) Graphics Card NVIDIA Ge Force GTX 660 Sound Card Realtek?

I've tried going into safe mode to run a registry cleaner but my computer shut down before it even got to 50% scanned. Monitor(s) Displays Samsung S23B350 Screen Resolution 1920x1080 Mouse Wired Optical Case Antec GX300 Tower Cooling 3x Antec TRICOOL 120mm Fans Hard Drives San Disk 480 GB SSD, WD Green 2TB (SATA), 2x WD Green 3TB (SATA) Internet Speed DSL Antivirus Avast Browser Pale Moon (64 bit) Other Info 2015-12-10 Upgraded case, graphics card, storage 2015-08-15 Upgraded motherboard & RAM 2015-07-15 Upgraded LM17.1 to LM17.2 It looks like there are 3 chips (probably: CPU, GPU, Northbridge) connected to 2 heat conducting tubes. There is a heat sink/radiator arrangement hidden under the plastic cover. I have never disassembled/examined that type of setup (I've only used desktops).

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Do you have any programs for seeing the temperature of different parts of your motherboard? This happens mainly when I'm playing a PC game.

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